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Expungement and Sealing of Criminal Records

A law, effective since July 1, allows thousands of people who have been arrested or convicted of some non-violent crimes a way to wipe their criminal history clean.

The expungement process is new, and penalties for handling your case incorrectly can be very serious, so it is best to seek legal advice.

House Enrolled Act 1482 creates Indiana's first expungement process for a variety of mostly non-violent crimes. It replaces a current law that allows courts to shield some low-level crimes from public view.

This process does not include sex crimes, violent crimes or those involving misconduct or fraud by a public official. People petitioning the court for a record expungement must show they've redeemed themselves by staying out of trouble.

The law requires the judge to expunge the record of low-level crimes if the person has met all the conditions in the law. Prosecutors and crime victims can intervene in the process for higher-level offenses so the judge can have more leeway.

You can expunge misdemeanors, D Felonies reduced to misdemeanors, D Felonies, and more. If you were arrested but never convicted your record can be sealed.

We handle expungement and record sealing proceedings in all 92 Indiana counties and can begin work on your case right away.

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