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Pretrial Diversion

In Monroe County and many other counties around the state, a Pretrial Diversion Agreement can be negotiated with the Prosecutor to resolve many criminal charges. A Pretrial Diversion Agreement typically results in the dismissal of the charges after a year and the successful completion of certain conditions. This avoids the possibility of jail and a criminal record.

Once you are charged with a crime, there are deadlines that must be met or certain rights can be lost. Often, inaccurate information in a police report can be proven wrong through the work of an experienced attorney. This can increase the possibility of being able to negotiate a Pretrial Diversion Agreement with the Prosecutor.

The attorneys at The Koch Law Firm P.C. are experienced in negotiating Pretrial Diversion Agreements. In many cases, a person charged with a crime will never even have to appear in Court if we are contacted immediately so that we can file the proper motions necessary to protect your rights. We can usually meet with you the day of your call to begin work on your case immediately.


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