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Real Estate - Rental Property

Counsel for: Landlord-tenant; Leases; Compliance with state, federal and local law; Dispute resolution; Enforcing leases; Defense of tenant claims.

Many individuals want to diversify their investments by adding rental real estate to their portfolio. I assist clients from acquisition of the property through:

  • obtaining a rental occupancy permit as necessary
  • determining whether to hire a property manager
  • marketing of the property
  • selection of tenants
  • leasing documentation
  • lease signing
  • tenant turnover
  • security deposit accounting
  • and lease enforcement.
I often meet with individuals who have encountered issues in their pursuit to obtain and lease real estate as an investment vehicle. Often times those issues have arisen because of the use of online one-size-fits-all documents. Issues also arise because of reliance on inaccurate legal opinions obtained from a source not specific to Indiana law. Many of those issues could have easily been avoided with prior counsel. I welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goal of adding rental real estate to your investments.